Legal and Ethics Committee is responsible for handling all legal matters and issues involving Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP).

   1. To maintain at all times the vigilance necessary to assure good laws for sound credit and assure          equality and justice in Credit Transaction.
   2. To prepare position papers for the Association issues of national significance that affect the          Association and the Credit Profession.
   3. To conduct study of malpractices; if any, committed by creditmen in the exercise of their          profession and recommend ways and means to avoid them.

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Organizationally, goal management consists of the process of recognizing or inferring goals of individual team-members, abandoning no longer relevant goals, identifying and resolving conflicts among goals, and prioritizing goals consistently for optimal team-collaboration and effective operations. For any successful commercial system, it means deriving profits by making the best quality of goods or the best quality of services available to the end-user (customer) at the best possible cost.

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