To make CMAP the premier credit management institution, responsive to the needs of its members, the business community and the country as a whole.

To instill, develop and nurture credit consciousness, responsibility and discipline among ourselves and among credit grantors private sectors.

To promote active and voluntary interchange and mutual recipocal use of quality credit information.

To establish maintain and perpetuate mutual confidence, closer cooperation, fellowship and camaraderie among creditmen.

To promote continuing credit education specially in the areas of credit measurement, protection and collection.

To foster the clear understanding of credit with the end view of ensuring its wise and healthy use.


   Foster a strong and sturdy professional association which has grown in number and which has improved in the quality of its membership. al knowledgeable, competent and effective in the art of credit mangement and contributing to the financial stability of its member-companies and also to national economic recovery, growth and progress, thus

   We see CMAP as an acknowledged and respected credit management institution sharing center stage with other segments of the business community, the government and society, and cooperating with these segments in a common and nurturing credit consciousness, responsibility and discipline among credit grantors and credit users in both the public and private sectors.

More than 88 Years of success!

From actual ledgers to digital information exchange, the association is redefining credit information exchange as we know it. Merging experience and knowledge gained from the past with present technology and innovation for the future, CMAP will continue to find ways to be of better service for the welfare of its members, the industry, the government and the country.

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