Programs, Sports and Fellowship Committee is responsible for promoting/undertaking fitness, fostering camaraderie and fellowship among members through sports activities, generating funds to finance projects for the benefit of the members and the preparations for the association's general membership meeting.


   1. To undertake preparation in all General Membership Meeting of the Association.
   2. To promote fellowship, camaraderie and wellness among the Association.
   3. To raise fund for the Association's Outreach Program.
       The Committee has sponsored the following activities:
   1. 1st General Membership and Induction Meeting held at Shangrila Hotel last June 28, 2012 with Senator        Meriam Defensor Santiago as the Guest Speaker and Inducting Officer.
   2. 2nd General Membership Meeting held at Hotel Inter-Continental Manila last October 19, 2012 with LRA        Administrator Hon. Eulalio C. Diaz.
   3. 2012 CMAP Bowling Tournament held last November 10, 2012 at Superbowl Bowling & Billiard Center,        Makati Cinema Square.
    4. 2012 Traditional Christmas Bingo Social and Annual Raffle held last December 11, 2012 at Hotel        Inter-Continental Manila.

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